Back to the grind

December 3, 2008

Second day of classes being back from break. I have two presentations today. One for my psychology of gender class and one for my developmental psychology class. Neither of them are too serious so I don’t think it is a big deal. I actually got about 10 hours of sleep last night though! Todays bowl of oats included:

1/2 cup oats, water, and silk soymilk

a banana



pumpkin butter





It’s the too pretty looking though sorry. I also had coffee of course. It looks really milky today. Maybe I made it weak or put a lot of milk in it? Oh and yes I did eat at my desk today. I do have a kitchen but I wanted to read some blogs while I ate this morning since I had some extra time!


Also does anyone know how to edit the title of the blog?


One Response to “Back to the grind”

  1. Hi, just found your blog – it looks great!

    You can edit the title of your blog by going to your dashboard, then settings. Type what you want, and then make sure to save your changes! Hope that helps!

    Have a good night!

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