December 3, 2008

Sorry I haven’t posted I’ve been neglecting my blog. It would be a lie to say I forgot about it because I didn’t I just didn’t really feel like posting. I will try to take more pictures though and I also need to fix the blog layout a bit but I don’t know how to do everything yet. I got back to school late last night around 12:00 am (3:00 am the time zone I was on). Anyways I had to wake up at 8:00 for my 9:30 class but I am surprisingly not that tired. I had some good eats over break. Thanksgiving, apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin oats, pomegranate seeds in vanilla greek yogurt, the best hot chocolate in the world from L.A. Burdick’s (look it up I can’t figure out how to link to it!), and a burger from Mr.Bartley’s burgers (also possibly the best burgers. I had to wait in a line of about 20 people just to get in!). Anyways, that is a recap of some of my eats the past week but I promise to get some pics soon!


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