December 4, 2008

After lunch I studied for a bit then had a clif bar for a snack. This is the first time I tried this flavor and although it wasn’t bad it wasn’t that good either. It was okay but I would say if I was going to have a clif bar, there are other flavors I would chose before this one.





After my snack I walked to the grocery store. It was a total of 3 miles which was quite the workout on the way back with all the groceries. At the store I got:

3 medjool dates

5 bananas

half gallon of light Silk soymilk

4 yogurt

honey wheat bagel (they are mini. the brand is western alternative bagels)



After I got back I went for a 3 mile run before dinner. So tonight I decided to get the seeds out of my pomegranate and my roommate taught me a really good trick to get the seeds out. You cut off the little stem of it first. Then you slice it into four quarters. Get a bowl of water. Break up and pomegranate best you can and put it in the water. The seeds will sink and everything else will float. This made it much easier to get all the seeds out!


Oh and I was in the library for 3 hours tonight hence the title of the post!


2 Responses to “Library”

  1. caitlin Says:

    hey there! yay for a new blog to read 🙂 thanks for telling me about it.

    i have never de-seeded a pom and from what i hear, its nearly impossible. so good job 🙂

  2. VeggieGirl Says:

    Yeah, when I used to eat Clif bars I DESPISED that flavor – I actually had to spit it out, haha.

    Great run!!

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